Sa'adabad Villa
A single unit residential urban house in the Northern part of Tehran. This is an exclusive part of the city where there is a height limitation forced by the municipality. This limitation allows only for two storey buildings. Although regrettably a few have defied this rule resulting in a chaotic skyline like everywhere else in Tehran but not as bad! The plot is situated on a prominent corner on the way to one of Tehran's important park/palaces, the "Saad Abad" palace and garden. 
This unusual Height limitation in this part of the city somehow relating to the topic of city "skyline" together with its situation as a corner plot initiates the main concept of the design of this house which is to physically connect the line of the rooftop of the neighboring building to the ground line.
To achieve this, the concrete roof line was emphasized and two different angle shaped surfaces were put adjacent to each other to show and explore various possibilities of the geometry and the shape of the connecting roof line to the ground.
Underneath the concrete roof lines sits a simple wooden box that represents a cozy homey residential box. The spatial organization of the program inside the box however, is formed in a linear manner around a middle main strip that defines and encompasses all the horizontal and vertical circulation in the box. All other spaces are organized on two sides of this middle circulation strip. The large internal middle void is opening up the center of the building to give further dynamism as well as particular spatial experiences to the users.
The program was carefully made to fit this client. The ground level is reached through a tall majestic entrance from the garden that allows the user to understand the box and the concrete roof over it. The ground level includes the entrance and cloak room, the kitchen, TV area, family dining and main living and dining room. The arrangement of the first floor with the master bedroom slightly away from the two kids' rooms and their bathroom is tailor made. There is an open study area as well as a laundry room on the landing adjacent to the master bedroom. This floor has access to the gym and a guest room on the top floor. The garden is lowered around the basement to give light to the movie hall, the workshop and the other guest room in the basement.